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XiangGui circular economy industrial park out the "Thanksgiving Winter Warmth" series condolences Events

Number of visits: Date:2014-4-3 10:36

A time when the 2014 Spring Festival approaching, January 16, at Lo Kin-ming, chairman of the Board of Directors XiangGui Group, led by president, Hunan, Guangxi, circular economy industrial park out the "Thanksgiving warmth warm winter" series condolences activities, and visit new and farm, the company sugarcane villages, the new model workers and nursing home and other places, the old party members, cadres and needy people, condolences to the company's front-line staff and family harmony industrial park, industrial park and held a middle management staff Spring Symposium , sent New Year's greetings to them.
    Industrial park is divided into three sub-groups condolences depth company sugarcane and visit, Everywhere, are subject to the sympathy greetings, careful about their lives and physical condition, told them to take care of the body, they sent condolences to Kim and gifts, to extend my sincere greetings.

In the subsequent meeting of the New Year on the forum, President on behalf of the company to the industrial park staff warmest greetings and good wishes. President at the meeting that the Group's development is inseparable from the staff at the rank of dedication and effort, thanks to the contribution they have made to the development of the company, we hope to continue to unite in the new year, confidence, to redouble their efforts make every effort to give priority to the sugar industry, the business bigger and stronger yeast, yeast extract stepping up the construction work, an effort to "XiangGui" into industry-leading, influential sucrose circular economy industrial brands in fierce competition market development and growth, innovation and pioneering spirit of open XiangGui cause new journey.
    "Thanksgiving feedback warmth warm winter" series condolences activities, the Group has continuously carried out fourteen years, Hunan, Guangxi Group is adhering to "contribute to society" cultural ideas and Group Party, the company has always been caring staff, care workers, care for the young, the party's practice concrete manifestation of the mass line of educational practice. Activities of the organization integrated, comprehensive coverage, do not miss, do not become a mere formality, not to engage in formalism, ensure condolence payments, gifts to every need of real concern among the families, so that the masses sugarcane, company employees truly feel the group sent care and warmth.
    Group Board of Supervisors Chen Hui, Director of the Group, Diao Xiao, vice president, assistant to the president, deputy general manager of the company, Hunan, Guangxi Chongzuo Horizon of Expectation, group president and assistant labor Xuemei Hunan, Guangxi Chongzuo company, Hunan, Guangxi, Yeast, Hunan, Guangxi Bio Technologies leadership team members, department managers attended the condolence activities.



Lo Kin-ming, Chairman of the Board, President and led to front-line staff workshop for sympathy.


Group Board of Supervisors Chen Hui condolences nursing home for the elderly.
 Diao Xiao Group Director, Vice President and homes for the elderly cordial conversation.
 Assistant to the president, deputy general manager of the company, Hunan, Guangxi Chongzuo Horizon of Expectation frontline employees to shop
Send to New Year's blessing.
Mao Xiang-Gui Zhou, general manager of yeast Lang (left), Group Director Wang Zaixiong production (second from left), higuang Qing, general manager of Hunan, Guangxi, biotechnology companies (third from left) condolence new town more than 90 years of age and the elderly.
Condolences to the group on industrial park industrial park in 2013 were harmonious family condolences.
2014 Industrial Park Spring Symposium middle management staff on site.

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