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Guangxi next year will reduce the sugar cane acreage increased supply pressure

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Cassava, banana, eucalyptus, etc. are a lot of crowding sugar cane, which is a phenomenon Futures Daily reporter recently in Chongzuo found other places to visit. Behind this phenomenon is the trade-offs and game sugarcane and sugar prices. Visit a few days down the status and trends for sugarcane cultivation, as well as under the current predicament sugarcane and sugar prices how to deal with other issues, reporters combine visits to the actual situation in order to collate and summarize.
"Sugarcane acreage next year will certainly reduce"
It is understood, sugar cane, banana and eucalyptus are three varieties of Guangxi farmers, however, the current situation of these types of crops is quietly changing.
"As this year's sharp increase in labor costs cut sugar cane, sugar cane earnings better than bananas." Relevant person in charge of the East Gate of the South China Guangxi Sugar Company Limited, said, overall, limited potential to increase sugarcane acreage.
"Land of sugar cane has been around for a very limited, even though in recent years the government on sugarcane cultivation and acquisition of certain preferential policies given to sugarcane farmers, sugar cane acreage also did not appear to increase significantly." Laibin Sugar Development Secretary Li Xiao Jiang told reporters that, in many areas but also because of road construction, vigorously promote urbanization occupy a lot of sugar cane fields and other reasons. "However, abandoned sugar cane, in the final analysis because of improved labor costs, the economic benefits of sugarcane decreased significantly." Li Xiaojiang said that according to the current earnings sugarcane, sugar cane acreage next year will certainly be reduced.
"Contracts, subsidized higher sugarcane sugarcane enthusiasm"
It is reported that, in order to support the sugar industry, from December 1, 2012 in accordance with the local government of Guangxi sugar industry division of sugarcane per year range acquisition sugar cane, sugar cane sugarcane farmers signed a contract with the acquisition will be exempt from stamp duty.
Sugar is the representative of the Eurasian Qinzhou contract farming, according to the relevant person in charge of the Eurasian Sugar introduction, the company will come up with some funds to support the annual sugarcane last year, plowing and pesticides, fertilizer subsidy cost of 370 yuan / mu, this year 250 yuan / mu. "We returned to the sugarcane farmers to provide a unified cane species, 60% of the Group are planted Guangdong sugar 93-159." In addition, in order to solve the problem of high cost of cane cut, the company also set up a support group in sugarcane, each SHG 3-5 households, by this measure greatly reduces the cut labor costs.
However, there is no contract with the enterprise farmers are not so lucky. According to sugarcane farmers Nanning area, at present count plowing, pesticides, fertilizers and harvesting costs, the cost of an acre of sugar cane in more than 1,000 yuan per mu income will 800-1000 yuan.
Therefore, contract, subsidized sugarcane farmers gain more secure, Zhongzhe enthusiasm is relatively high. CSI futures analyst Wang Congying said, in order to keep the sugar cane acreage, more than is necessary to support the sugarcane farmers to ensure that their Zhongzhe income.
"Futures hedging instruments and non-profit means."
With Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan sugar mills follow-pressed to open the increasing number of new sugar supply will continue to increase, listing a large number of new sugar market will bring greater pressure. Analysts pointed out that from the current situation, Guangxi sugar yield this year will reach 8.5 million tons, an increase of about 20%, the national sugar production will reach 14 million tons, an increase of more than 200 million tons more than the previous crop.
Faced with this grim situation of supply and demand, the reporter found that local sugar prices on the futures market, considerable attention in the inspection process, the understanding is also in place. "In a market downturn, not only of government support, sugar prices should utilize resources such as the futures market instruments to hedge the risk of production operations." Person in charge of a sugar prices, the local sugar futures prices are generally not as profitable to tool, but as a hedging tool. It is understood that, in the face of falling sugar prices, sugar prices, and many local traders have chosen to lock in profits by the futures market hedging.
In this regard, a German futures Li Xiaowei believe that futures traders tools to help local sugar cane has changed the traditional sense to buy low and sell high single business model to achieve a lock time from procurement to supply the difference in profits. "This is actually an innovative business model."

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